ISBN 9789380914596,The Girl Who Kissed the Snake: Can a Foetus Become a Deadly Avenger?

The Girl Who Kissed the Snake: Can a Foetus Become a Deadly Avenger?


Leema Dhar



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380914596

ISBN-10 9380914598


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

Can an eight-week old foetus become revengeful, arrogant and prudent?

Never heard of it right? But, hold on and see what the protagonist Kira has to say. She's seen devastating daysHer Dad Vimal had left her Mom Alia eleven years ago and entered into a relationship with his business partner Meera.

On the other hand, Kira is dumped by the first guy in her teenage life, that is by the muscular stud of her college called Riyaan. While she is nursing her broken heart. Aadish enters her life to become her best buddy, her pillar of strength.

Gradually she learns about the dark secret of her Mom's like and her broken relationship with her Dad.

Like an amateur spy, Kira slowly grows up to be tough and bold. She decides to go and stay with her Dad in Bangalore where she embarks on an avenging operation. There she pulls a trick on Mohit, a common friend of Meera and Alia.

Does her desperate mission succeed? Can she learn to accept as well as confess her real love? Does she deserve the sympathy in the end? Is there a Kira hiding in every young girl's heart. In this third fiction of hers, the young author crafts an enthralling story that takes the reader through a journey of revenge, making her 'mission impossible', possible. It forces the reader to rethink 'Is there a Kira in every heart?' Riding through the dark conundrum of her roller-coaster ride, she faces the worst nightmares and fiery truths which turn the protagonist into a brave fighter for her rights.

About the Author
She left her AIEEE Rank for her creative passion. For her latest sensational fiction 'Mom and I Love a Terrorirst' Hindustan Times wrote: "Her flawless prose, plot selection and the art of storytelling made her book hot seller..." Her debut novel titled Till We Meet Again became a national Bestseller. Her first work was an anthology of Hindi poems, titled Kuch Lafz Naqab Mein (2007), followed by an English anthology For The Hundred Tomorrows (2010). She was nominated thrice consecutively for Hindustan Times Women Achiever Awards, Allahabad (2011, 2012 and 2013). This is her third book that revolves around an unbridled form of love and revenge both of which lie hidden in each of us! She's currently working as a freelancer on numerous creative projects. She loves singing, painting and travelling while trying to become a full-time writer of travelogues.