ISBN 9781847399106,The Good Jihadist

The Good Jihadist


Bob Shepherd


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781847399106

ISBN-10 184739910X


Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (English)


Disillusioned SAS veteran Matt Logan is struggling on civvy street. The life he dreams of can be his - if he takes a private security job with the American commander who ended his military career. But when a seemingly random act of terror destroys everything Matt holds dear, the only way to settle the score is to sell his soul.
Matt returns to the murky world of Black Ops. But this time, he's not part of an elite crew. To find and kill an elusive insurgent leader, he must go undercover in Pakistan to single-handedly unravel a jihadist network more complex than he realizes and closer than he knows. Stalked by fundamentalists and Pakistani intelligence, Matt ends up a pawn in a conspiracy to redraw the boundaries of global power; a secret war that is ripping a nation apart. But not the one he thinks . . . From ex-SAS soldier and bestselling author Bob Shepherd comes an action thriller torn from tomorrow's headlines. A heart-pumping journey through the breeding grounds of Islamic terrorism, The Good Jihadist combines the intrigue of a spy novel with all the adrenaline you'd expect from an elite warrior turned writer.

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