ISBN 9788185986159,The Grandmother's Tale

The Grandmother's Tale


R. K. Narayan


Indian Thought Pub



Indian Thought Pub

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788185986159

ISBN-10 8185986150

Paper Back

Number of Pages 97 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

In Grandmother's Tale, Narayan tells the readers about his great-grandmother, who used to scold him, yet encouraged him to recite a Sanskrit lyric daily. The Sanskrit lyric stated that the perfect woman is she who works like a slave, looks like a goddess, gives advice like a minister, has patience like Mother Earth, and be courtesan-like in the bed-chamber.

He tells the readers about how his great-grandmother was married as a child, and how her husband left her shortly after. The priestly traditions forbade a child bride from visiting the temple unless her husband was found alive. Back then, widows were considered unclean. Bala, his grandmother then set out on a journey to find her missing husband. After years of searching, she finds him in Poona where he is a thriving jewelry business owner. Enraged by the fact that he got married again, she gets rid of his second wife, and becomes the wife in his house.

Written in Narayan's witty style, Grandmother's Tale is a stunning novel that highlights certain relevant issues during the pre-independence period of India, one of which includes child marriage. In this book, Narayan portrays the difficult times faced by individuals of those times with full grace, and has kept the language highly transparent.