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Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788121510608

ISBN-10 8121510600

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The saints and sages in our Puranas have left a rich spiritual and moral legacy as to how to cultivate devotion, acquire spiritual knowledge and become true devotees of the Lord of the universe by self-sacrifice, adherence to truth, justice, equality, compassion and love towards all living beings irrespective of caste and creed and mild or wild animals. Why should we read books like The Great Men and Women of Puranas? because as Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the great philosopher, statesman and the former president of our country has observed : "We do not realise adequately to what extent our minds are moulded by the books we read especially in youth. "When we read classics, our minds become dyed to their thoughts. Great books foster the psychological health of the reader. They induce in us largeness of mind and normative vision. They give us moral contentment." Details of lives of great men and women of Puranas which are scattered in the eighteen Puranas and the great Epic, the Mahabharata, are culled and knit together in these biographies. Contents Preface 1. Sukanya 2. Ekaveera 3. Garutmat 4. Devarshi Narada 5. Bhishmacharya 6. Viswamitra 7. Nahusha 8. The sage Gautama 9. Dharmavyadha 10. Sarmishtha 11. Atri 12. Nala 13. Udanka 14. Bhrigu Maharshi 15. Satyavrata 16. Bharadwaja 17. Jamadagni 18. Pururavas 19. Jaratkaaru 20. Kasyapa 21. Brahmarshi Vasishtha