ISBN 9788132104643,The Green Pen : Environmental Journalism in India and South Asia

The Green Pen : Environmental Journalism in India and South Asia


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104643

ISBN-10 8132104641


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)


In this age of global economic crises, the need to renew our commitment to social issues becomes even more urgent. Reduction in public and private spending on social programmes throws up further challenges for the sustenance of development efforts. The book advocates countering this trend through ?global social entrepreneurship? and the use of innovative, inexpensive and locally customized solutions. Using in-depth and contemporary case studies, the book demonstrates how to define, measure, and achieve socially and environmentally sustainable growth. The book inspires social entrepreneurs to build new models of sustainable growth, to scale existing solutions, and to create new public?private partnerships. Table of Contents Foreword: Inspiring People to Engage in Social Entrepreneurship JUGNU JAIN, RAJ MELVILLE and RAKESH PANDEY Preface by VANITA SHASTRI From Corporate Social Responsibility to Global Social Entrepreneurship VANITA SHASTRI and PREETA M BANERJEE Defining metrics for Social impact GURURAJ ?DESH DESHPANDE?, MEENAKSHI VERMA AGRAWAL, NISHITH ACHARYA, and NAVEEN JHA Selecting and Setting Corporate Sustainability Measurements DUNCAN WHITE Lessons from working with the Government of India: The Story of Pratham LEONA CHRISTY and VIKAS TANEJA Social Entrepreneurship across National Boundaries BEHZAD J LARRY, AZAD OOMMEN, VENKATESH ?VENKY? RAGHAVENDRA The Evolution of Ubuntu at Work: Helping Women Micro Entrepreneurs Escape the Poverty Trap VIBHA PINGLE Social Entrepreneurship in a Traditionally Profit-centered Industry STEVEN F YOUNG Environmental Sustainability?Managing Stakeholders through Education VITHAL V DESHPANDE The Clean Technology Industry: Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability DANIEL WENGROVITZ and PREETA M BANERJEE Greening the Built Environment AMEETA SONI Developing Green Innovation: DeCopier Paper Cleaning Products SUSHIL BHATIA New Beginnings in Age-old Philosophies PREETA M BANERJEE and VANITA SHASTRI Index