ISBN 9781890206215,The Guide To Home Decorating Indian Style

The Guide To Home Decorating Indian Style



Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9781890206215

ISBN-10 1890206210

Hard Back

Number of Pages 229 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

The Guide to Home Decorating Indian Style by Priscilla Kohutek Few of us are born with the ability to know exactly what we want and need in our homes -- much less how we want it to look. We neither have money to burn on expensive mistakes and unwise choices nor are we prepared to live with them. We, therefore, must have guidelines to help us along the way to get things right. In The Guide to Home Decorating Indian Style, Priscilla Kohutek has given us these guidelines in a practical, down-to-earth way that everybody can understand and follow. Not only does she tell you how to quickly and easily spruce up the place with "instant" make overs, she also tells you how to do major renovations and takes you from the planning stage all the way to the finished project. Her book is chock-full of sensational, cost effective advice about how to plan a smart kitchen layout, squeeze out some space for an extra bathroom, make the kids happy in a shared bedroom situation, cheer up a tired-looking living room, create knock-out window treatments that won't break the bank, plus much, much more. Whether you are a single person doing up your room at home, a newlywed setting up your house for the first time, or a married couple with a growing family, you need this wonderful guide book to make decorating simple and fun. About the Author Priscilla Kohutek's numerous articles have been published internationally for more than twenty years. Although the genre is usually nonfiction, her work has ranged from articles targeting special interest groups to cultural/historical stories for Thailand's Sawaddi magazine, for which she was also managing editor. But, for over a decade, she has devoted her time and energy to decorating journalism for the consumers' market. The move into decorating journalism was inevitable, evolving from her passion for decorating and flair for style. Having shifted houses twenty times during her married life, she has had to solve many of her own decorating, renovating and building problems and happily shares her acquired knowledge with readers everywhere. Priscilla's fluid, humorous style makes her "how to" book, The Guide to Home Decorating Indian Style, easy to follow and a pleasure to read. Priscilla has a long list of credentials: design writer, columnist, stylist, decorating coordinator, and former talk-show co-host. She has lived in Asia for more than twenty years, during which time she has gained a treasure chest of decorating concepts. Her speciality is dishing out practical advice, aimed at the average person. "My 'helpful hints' are meant for anybody and everybody," Priscilla says. "I love showing people how to solve decorating problems and how to tailor their needs to fit their pocketbooks." During the four years she lived in Singapore, Priscilla worked as a freelance decorating journalist for Times Periodicals and Straits Times newspaper. She was a prolific writer, penning innumerable articles for Home and Decor, Singapore's number one decorating magazine, and Her World, the largest selling magazine in Singapore. In addition, her regular columns appeared in both magazines. Priscilla's prominence as a spokesperson for the art of practical decorating blossomed as well. At Radio Heart's (91.3 FM) request, she went on the air with her commonsense decorating advice, co-hosting a weekly, thirty-minute live talk show called "Home Pride." She conducted seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects, including a hugely successful event for Sheridan. After moving to India several years ago, Priscilla's attention was directed to putting together this guide to home decorating. Still, she found time to write articles for Bangalore's Times of India and Deccan Herald newspapers, Design Digest magazine, occasionally give presentations, and do a "Decorating for Beginners" workshop. Priscilla and her husband, Ed, currently reside in their home town, San Antonio, Texas.