ISBN 9788183391030,The Gujjar Tribe Of Jammu & Kashmir

The Gujjar Tribe Of Jammu & Kashmir


Javaid Rahi


Gulshan Books



Gulshan Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183391030

ISBN-10 8183391036

Hard Back

Language (English)


The gujjars and bakerwal are two name of one tribe popularly known as gujjars in Indian subcontinent. Since they have been a nomadic tribe over centuries are getting permanently settled in colonies and places, a collection of their history, culture and folk-lore becomes all the more important and essential for them. This job has been performed by various scholars from time to time .In the Himalayan regions, Gujarat is considered an important and historical tribe. This tribe has ruled over many princely states in northern India for hundred of years and left their imprints in the Himalayan ranges and inscribed them in such a way that they could not be destroyed even after thousand of years. The legacy of gujjars is as old as their identity. This book is about the origin, history and cultural of gujjars .The life of gujjars , who live nomadic life today reflected in this book.