ISBN 9788132102960,The Handbook of Competency Mapping : Understanding, Designing and Implementing Competency Models in Organizations

The Handbook of Competency Mapping : Understanding, Designing and Implementing Competency Models in Organizations


Poonam Batra


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132102960

ISBN-10 8132102967


Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)


Social Science Learning in Schools: Perspective and Challenges locates the teaching and learning of social science within the larger perspective and aims of education. It emphasizes the need to take the teaching of social science beyond the confines of contemporary ideological debates, into the realm of pedagogical theory. It presents critical perspectives on curriculum design, textbook development and social science pedagogy. Discussions on pedagogy are situated in analyses of Eklayva?s social science textbooks which were in use for over 15 years in government schools in Madhya Pradesh. The book explores the integral role of the teacher, importance of textbooks, and methods of social science enquiry in school teaching-learning. It interrogates integrated approaches to social science education, and notions of nationalism and identity. The book will serve as a seminal social science text for Indian elementary teacher education programmes. University departments of education, research institutions, NGOs and development organisations working in education, literacy and child development will find it an invaluable elementary education resource. Table of Contents Foreword by ROMILA THAPAR Preface I: SOCIAL SCIENCES IN SCHOOL CURRICULA AND THE EKLAVYA STORY Introduction POONAM BATRA Reconstructing the Curricular Development Process: the Insider?s Narrative THE EKLAVYA TEAM II: SUBJECT AND PEDAGOGIC PERSPECTIVES: A CRITICAL REVIEW Civics Curriculum and Textbooks AMMAN MADAN Geography Curriculum and Textbooks YEMUNA SUNNY and KAMALA MENON History Curriculum and Textbooks TRIPTA WAHI Social Science Texts: A Pedagogic Perspective POONAM BATRA and DISHA NAWANI III: TEXTS, CLASSROOMS AND THE LEARNER Dynamics of Knowledge and Praxis: A View From the field THE EKLAVYA TEAM Conclusion POONAM BATRA Epilogue THE EKLAVYA TEAM Glossary Index