ISBN 9788129120731,The Happy Monk And Other Stories

The Happy Monk And Other Stories


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788129120731

ISBN-10 8129120739


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)


An Enquiry Into The Nature Of The Ideal Society, Republic Is A Series Of Dialogues Between Socrates And Various Interrogators. It Proposes A State Organized And Governed On Philosophical Principles And Asks If Goodness Can Exist ? Devoid Of Motive, Obligation Or Supplication To A Stronger Power ? Solely By Itself And Translate Into Society As A Whole. The Work Also Contemplates The Duality Inherent In Life: The Reality We Perceive Through Our Senses And The Truth We Can Gain Through The World Of Ideas. Although Plato Is Largely Concerned With The Definition Of Justice, The City - State And The Just Man, He Also Discusses A Range Of Topics: Social, Moral, Educational And Psychological. Considered To Be One Of The Bedrocks Of Greek Philosophy, Republic Has Had Immeasurable Impact On Western Thought Through The Ages.