ISBN 9789380222752,The Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold



GenNext Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789380222752

ISBN-10 9380222750


Number of Pages 116 Pages
Language (English)

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This Novel is intended for all those young girls who are too infatuated and fall out with thei r parents in relentless pursuit of their love and pleasure. The theme of thi s fiction brin gs out a clash of gerar ation gap modelled on the so called conc ept of New Woman. The plot centres round Mukesh, who is dumbfounded when his newly married wife say s that she is for ced into marriage. She trie s her best to maintain a distance with him . One fine day, she asks his permission to go out and meet her ex-lover. Mukesh is deepl y hurt and warns her that if she ever goes out to meet him, he would renounce her. Nithya refu ses to comply with his order s and leaves the house onl y to land in trouble. She is kidnapped and forced into prostitution . There was only one person who can save her. Nithya pleads with her hu sband to rescue her. Mukesh being a man with a Heart ofGold decid es to suffer the wrong rath er th an inflict the wrong. Whil e he rescues her, he is not willing to accept her back into his life. Nithya however, is bent up on stay ing with him , no matt er what! Is she able to win his heart ?