ISBN 9789382891185,The Hidden Letters…

The Hidden Letters…


Bluejay Books



Bluejay Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382891185

ISBN-10 9382891188


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


Being A Successful Author, A Loving Wife And The World'S Best Mom Has Done Nothing For This Bold Woman. She Is A Terrified Lady On The Inside As She Has Secrets Hidden Away In Letters That She Keeps With Her. Her Husband Dotes On Her And She Is E Role Model For Her Daughter. Still, She Is Devoid Of Inner Peace And Her Sleep Is Always Disturbed By Terrible Nightmares. The Reason For This Is The Letters Hidden Away In Her Closet. The Letters Were Written By Her Cousin Who Is Presently A Patient At A Mental Asylum In Kolkata. She Has Kept Them A Secret For A Very Long Time And Thinks That The Only Way That She Can Put An End To This Misery Is By Surrendering To Her Husband And Daughter. She Is Going To Show Them The Hidden Letters. Will They Lose Respect For Her After They See The Letters? Also, Will She Be Able To Forgive Herself For Her Selfishness That Brought About Her Cousin'S Madness?