ISBN 9788172453114,The Hidden Zodiac

The Hidden Zodiac



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172453114

ISBN-10 8172453116


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

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Learn more about yourself, friends, and loved ones through the hidden aspects of a zodiac sign, narrower categories called Decans and Dwaads. Some of us believe we are typical Aquarians or Leos, for example, while others see little of themselves in the descriptions of our zodiac signs that are given in most astrology books. That's because people born even a day or two apart will exhibit variations in their personalities. This book explains why and how to accurately pinpoint details about your character career, and relationships. Each zodiac sign is divided into sub-categories that reveal traits and attributes of people born under the same sign, but on different days. It's easy to determine you Decan and Dwaad using the calendar provided, and to then see what their interpretations say about your life. Get to know anyone better through his or her hidden zodiac.