ISBN 9788172680794,The Hindu Religion

The Hindu Religion


V.S. Rangarav


Logos Press



Logos Press

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788172680794

ISBN-10 8172680791


Number of Pages 226 Pages
Language (English)


About the Book: The Hindu Religion Is Hinduism homogeneous or heterogeneous in character? The variety in worship, usages and observances often detracts on from the quality of oneness in religion. The sacred writings of the Aryan people are the product of several ages intended for the propagation of particular doctrines, as they were taught from time to time by the founders of the several schools of theology and philosophy. One has thus to Endeavour to evolve a rule of guidance out of conflicting statements and practices. This is the objectives of this book, translated from the original in Telugu. One has combination of heterogeneous beliefs. The objects of worship extend from the elements and inanimate objects to Siva and Kesava. But a common name Hinduism, has been adopted because whatever may be the individual convictions in the greatness of particular deities, Siva and Kesava are, for al Hindus, the general objects of adoration. The book concentrates on four broad aspects of Hinduism: and philosophical Hinduism. All beliefs, images, schools of thought and the mysteris of the Hindu heritage have been studied here in great detail

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