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The Histories




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Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780140449082

ISBN-10 0140449086


Number of Pages 784 Pages
Language (English)


Herodotus captures and unfolds some great historical moments in The Histories. The core of the book deals with the grand struggle of a group of Greek city states against the strong and mighty empire of the Persians. The Histories can be called one of the glittering masterpieces of the classical period. With this book, Herodotus engraved his place in the pantheon of glittering historians including Pliny and Thucydides. Herodotus possessed an insatiable curiosity and this is evident in his many invigorating digressions. These include the story of the lake dwellers in Europe and the natural beauties present in Egypt. He also talks about other natural wonders such as ants who dug gold or men who possessed heads like dogs. This book is a compelling historical account of the world in the fifth century B.C. The Histories combines mythology, facts, digressions, stories and accounts into one delectable historical cocktail. Readers can expect modern supplements to this book such as a detailed chronology, relevant glossaries, notes and a fabulous bibliography. The Histories was termed inaccurate and biased by critics in more ancient times. Some even hauled it up for plagiarism. However, modern historians embrace Herodotus' ideas of inclusive history and his methodology. The book was noted for his exploration of the Greco-Persian battles and his sheer wealth of geographical and ethnographical detail.