ISBN 9789350022344,The History of the Russian Revolution (3 Vols.)

The History of the Russian Revolution (3 Vols.)


Leon Trotsky


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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350022344

ISBN-10 9350022346


Number of Pages 1266 Pages
Language (English)


About the Book: The History of the Russian Revolution: Volume 3 The Russian Revolution of 1917 can be regarded as the greatest event in human history. For the first time millions of workers and peasants took political power into their own hands, sweeping aside the despotic rule of the capitalists and landlords, and setting out to create a socialist world order based upon the rule of the Soviet of Workers, Soldiers and Peasants Deputies. Capitalism had broken at its weakest link. The Russian Revolution heralded the beginning of the world revolution, inspiring the hopes and dreams of millions. Notwithstanding the terrible backwardness of Russia, the new Socialist Soviet Republic represented a decisive threat to the world capitalist order. It struck terror in the ruling classes everywhere, which rightly regarded it as a threat to their power and privileges.