ISBN 9781472214614,The Hope Factory

The Hope Factory


Tinder Press



Tinder Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781472214614

ISBN-10 1472214617


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


Anand is an Indian success story: successful, well-married, rich. At least, that's how he appears. But if his little factory is to grow, he needs land and money and in the New India, neither of these is easy to find. Kamala, Anand's family's maid, lives perilously close to the edge of disaster. She and her clever teenage son have almost nothing, and their small hopes for self-betterment depend on the contentment of Anand's wife: A woman to whom whims come easily. But Kamala's son keeps bad company. Anand's marriage is in trouble. And the murky world where crime and wealth and politics meet is a dangerous place for good men, and those who rely on them."

Book features:

Lavanya Sankaran's Hope Factory is a good story simply told: Deccan Herald
"Lavanya Sankaran's first novel (she has published a collection of short stories, The Red Carpet, earlier) has a cast of at least 20 important characters and though that may seem daunting, most of them are well drawn out, so you don't forget who they are while you come across them as the story unfolds" - The Sunday Standard (The New Indian Express).
"Lavanya Sankaran tells a good, old-fashioned story in her, first book, The Hope Factory. It's a simple story with a beginning, middle and an end. It has well - defined characters and a few moral lessons to deliver. Sounds boring? It's not. It's a remarkably easy read that deals with personal issues of the protagonists, but in the context of a wider society in which they find themselves and where they must live, interact and to some extent, influence it too" - The Tribune.
"What makes Sankaran's book a refreshing read is that it's not melancholic. Her characters brave the odds of migration, single parenthood, scheming relatives and keep moving forward" - Time - Out, Bangalore.
"The good thing about this book is that all the issues and the politics surrounding them remain in the background. Sankaran is a perceptive storyteller who writes lucidly and elegantly and builds up poignant situations and engaging characters. The resolution at the end, a happy one, is also particular to the situation and does not seem forced or unsatisfactory. All in all, a good read" - DNA.
"Set up in the urban settings of Bangalore, The Hope Factory is a light and breezy read. The book is already a bestseller in UK and US. The characters are well defined, a story interestingly told and it will keep you hooked till the end. Lavanya Sankarans writing is simple and relatable and definitely deserves a chance" - IBN Live.
"The author is painstaking in her observations and the precise prose, stripping the narrative of all excess, gives the feeling that Sankaran is wielding a surgical scalpel rather than a pen. The absence of histrionics, even while dealing with raging conflicts like the way Anand deals with his interfering father-in-law or Kamala's mustering all her pride and dignity as she screams down accusations of theft by her mistress, is refreshing" - Outlook.