ISBN 9789350297834,The Hour Before Dawn

The Hour Before Dawn


Ajaz Ashraf






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350297834

ISBN-10 9350297833


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)

Classic fiction

Five weeks before the Babri Masjid is demolished, Delhi wakes up to accounts of Indias Secret History. Appearing daily as tantalizing pamphlets on the walls of the citys residential neighbourhoods, Secret History claims to reveal Indias suppressed past. Rhetorical and rhythmic, dark and depressing, violent and vengeful are these accounts true or fictional? Who writes Secret History?

These questions do not engage Rasheed Halim, who is grappling with the possibility of imminent death and cancer recurrence. He becomes a recluse, waiting to die, popping tranquillizers to get through his days. Not even a night of rioting, in which not a drop of blood is spilt, shakes him out of his melancholy. In desperation, he turns to a helpline, where a mysterious voice kindles in him the desire to live and join a band of people whose mission it is to identify the author of Secret History.
The search takes Rasheed into a world where madness masquerades as rationality, suspicion is the impulse of human action and politics and history are tools of torment forged in the fire of personal suffering. Is redemption possible in this world? Does Rasheed encounter the author of Secret History?
Thought - provoking and suspenseful, The Hour Before Dawn is the remarkable story of a terminally ill mans search for meaning and his eventual quest to understand why the lust for blood runs deep in people.
About the Author
Ajaz Ashraf has been a journalist for over twenty - four years. He writes for several Indian publications and websites. The Hour Before Dawn is his first novel.

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