ISBN 9780552163019,The House

The House






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780552163019

ISBN-10 0552163015


Language (English)


Perched on a hill overlooking San Francisco, the house wasmagnificent, built in 1923 by a wealthy Frenchman for the woman headored. For her and for this house, he would spare no expense andoverlook no detail, from the endless marble floors to theglittering chandeliers. Almost a century later, with the once-grandhouse now in disrepair, a young woman walks through its emptyrooms. Sarah Anderson, a perfectly sensible estate lawyer, is aboutto do something utterly out of character. An elderly client hasdied and left her two gifts. One is a generous inheritance. Theother a priceless message: to use his money for somethingwonderful, something daring. And in this old house, surrounded bycrumbling grandeur, Sarah knows just what it is. A respectedattorney and self-described workaholic, Sarah had always lived lifeby the book. With a steady, if sputtering, relationship and a tinyapartment that has suited her just fine, Sarah cannot explain theforce that draws her to the mansion and its history - to the storyof a woman who once lived in the house then mysteriously left it,to a child who grew up there and a drama that unfolded in war-tornFrance. . . and to a history she never knew she had. Taking thebiggest risk of her life, Sarah enlists the help of architect JeffParker, who shares Sarah's passion for bringing theexquisite old house back to life. As she and Jeff work to restorethe home's every detail, as one relationship shatters andanother begins, Sarah makes a series of powerful discoveries: aboutthe true meaning of a dying man's last gift. . . about theextraordinary legacies that are passed from generation togeneration. . . and about a future she's only justbeginning to imagine. In a novel of daring and hope, of embracinglife and taking chances, Danielle Steel brilliantly captures onewoman's courageous choice to pour herself into a dream -and receive its gifts in return. About The Author: Best-selling novelist Danielle Steel was born in New York