ISBN 9780007444342,The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist




Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780007444342

ISBN-10 0007444346


Number of Pages 912 Pages
Language (English)


A gruesome crime has taken place in Tumba, Sweden. A couple and their daughter have been murdered in a gruesome manner, and their son is in the hospital with several stab wounds. Detective Joona Linna is on his way and is determined to solve the mystery behind this murder. However, the only witness, the couple's son, is in a critical condition in the hospital. As he is in a deep state of shock, the little boy, Josef Ek, cannot be questioned by anybody. Linna, desperate to get the boy to speak, hires a hypnotist, Dr. Erik Maria Bark. Linna believes that this is not the end of the attack as the couple's oldest daughter is alive and well as she lives separately. The detective needs to know what happened from Josef in order to go ahead with his investigation. He takes Erik's help and the hypnotist start to get answers from the boy. What he finds out is more shocking than the murders. The ghost of Erik's past have somehow come back to haunt him and his son is eventually kidnapped. He suspects that this is linked with the attack of Ek's family. He now needs to find a way to get rid of the old memories. He takes Linna's help to find out what happened to his son and what really happened at the scene of the murder. About Lars Kepler Lars Kepler is the pseudonym of a husband and wife team of Swedish writers. The Hypnotist is the first book by the writing team.