ISBN 9781626563421,The Idea Driven Organization

The Idea Driven Organization



Harper Collins India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781626563421

ISBN-10 162656342X


Language (English)


Companies say that they want to be innovative, high-performing, and rewarding places to work. Yet the reality is often quite different. Robinson and Schroeder make a bold claim that the quality of a company's output is directly related to a business measure that few companies track or understand: the ideas of employees. Ironically, the authors show that most managers and organizations are better at suppressing ideas than encouraging them. Many well-managed companies would pride themselves if they implemented one or two ideas per employee each year on the frontline. Yet high-performing idea-driven companies may implement 50 to 100 or more ideas per employee per year--and they keep count, too. In fact, Robinson and Schroeder show that idea-driven organizations are relatively rare, despite their competitive advantages. The fundamental block to high-quality idea systems is leadership. Ideas are entirely voluntary, and employees won't generate or support them if they're misled. More than this, employees can't implement ideas if they need to seek approval at upper levels for simple improvements they understand better than their bosses. In organizations where ideas are brought to the core of strategy, systems, and management, the effect is electric. Employees are more engaged, productive, and creative. Businesses become more innovative and resilient with only minimal management inputs. The authors predict that idea-driven organizations will become the rule rather than exception. This book offers the complete guide to designing and leading this organization of the future.