ISBN 9789380349282,The Idiot-Dudes...I Opted The Second Option!!!

The Idiot-Dudes...I Opted The Second Option!!!




Srishti Books



Srishti Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380349282

ISBN-10 9380349289


Language (English)


In a world where you find people with different reckons towards life, nothing gonna word accordingly. An Idiot can't be Dude and a Dude can never be an Idiot; but what forced him to redefine a predefined prototype to merge them all together, 'Idiot-Dudes'... It's the journey of 4 friends (Adhyayan, Sandeep, Data and Sunil) but itinerary was isolated. A Romeo with immeseness of emotion dared to fall in the blue of love, a Casanova who don't know what is love, someone is on the Eudaimonia but happy would lose its meaning it were not balanced by sadness and here it go; the last person is a Nutcase. Now to where life will take them where individually their life has a story to tell. When love is unconditionally forever, that emerged a love story, towards a new beginning. But if love has itself power why many love stories remain one sided. Life always gives you second option, but Adhyayan opted the second option, an exertion. He finds his dream but how far he has to run to chase when his dream is on fire... And rest are there for something, for a hope... Will they make it??? About the Author Sreeram Raja was brought up in Sambalpur, graduated from R.C.E.T., Bhilai in computer science engineering. He is now pursuing his PGDM from IILM Graduate School of Management in Marketing & IT. From very childhood he loves to write film scripts and screenplays. This book "The Idiot-Dudes...I Opted the Second Option!!!" was written during his graduation days. With this one he is introducing himself to the world of readers and to writers. He was doing science from years yet his liking is art. He is passionate about movies (Film Making), music, acting and writing. He aspires to be a filmmaker in the near future.

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