ISBN 9789380828923,The Illusion of Honour

The Illusion of Honour



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380828923

ISBN-10 9380828926


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


The Rai Bahadurs of Rasulabad are an old aristocratic family thathas seen better days. Rahul, the scion of the family and abrilliant lawyer, is bitter about the rapid decline of his family'ssocial standing in a world where everyone is taking the short cutto success. He is at the centre of a corruption scandal in thejudiciary and it is hard to believe that he has been framed by aspurned lover. Sita, an abandoned child brought up by the Rai Bahadurs,discovers that she is an heiress. But when the mystery of hermother's identity is revealed it brings Rasulabad to the edge of acommunal conflagration. She was groomed to be Rahul's wife one day.Can her hero worship of Rahul withstand his legal travails and herchanged circumstances? Shahnaz has the world at her feet but wantsmore from life than high society can give. Will her growinginvolvement with community work at Rasulabad bring her closer toRahul and displace Sita? The novel depicts the jet set lives of high society,precariously perched on a foundation of eroding values and growingsocial tensions. In the middle of this tumult is a simple lovestory of a boy who thought he wanted power and had no time forlove; and a girl who had the world at her feet but gives it all upto follow her dreams. About the Author Pandey Surendra Prasad has been a senior corporate executivewith the Tatas, a close political aide of the late Prime Minister,Shri Chandrashekhar, and an entrepreneur who has lately found histrue calling in pampering his grandchildren. He is the author of Onin Four, India's first golf novel. Although the revelations in thebook about the fads and foibles of that curious species calledgolfers, of which he is a card holding member, threatened toexcommunicate him from the select circle forever, he still findssolace in the soothing company of his faithful four-ball. TheIllusion of Honour is his attempt to prove to his family that thereis more to his life than the swinging of clubs and the telling oftall tales about go