ISBN 9789380032009,The Importance Of Possibilities

The Importance Of Possibilities



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9789380032009

ISBN-10 9380032005


Language (English)
"The hypothesis is a tool in our search for the truth...Without possibilities we stagnate in yesterday's certainties." Our educational system is founded on analysis and logical deduction of available information. But without recognising the important of possibility, through which we create hypotheses, there is no room for design. Without design, Dr de Bono argues, thinking is like making a gin and tonic without the gin. About the Author Edward de Bono has been called 'the father of thinking about thinking'. He has written 67 books with translations in 37 languages. His methods are taught in thousands of schools around the world and are mandatory on the curriculum in many countries. He is listed as one of twenty living visionaries by a leading Austrian business journal.