ISBN 9789381860069,The Indian Millionaire Next Door

The Indian Millionaire Next Door


Embassy Books



Embassy Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381860069

ISBN-10 9381860068


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Self-help & practical interests

In The Indian Millionaire Next Door, Mishra provides specific strategies and inspiration, to help readers achieve financial success.

Mishra, paints the profiles of nine different individuals, who were all at one time finance service professionals, or life insurance salesmen. They were driven by their ambition for fame, money, and recognition. Apart from hard work, and sweat, they had little to nothing to invest in their business ventures.

Each of the nine individuals mentioned in the book, have a different upbringing, cultural background, and also vary in terms of socioeconomic status. For instance, Mishra presents the profile of a bank clerk, a man who grew up in a chawl, a Marwari businessman, a high socialite, a stockbroker, and a B school graduate, are some of the millionaires mentioned in this book. But all nine rose to great financial heights.

Mishra examines these qualities which lead people to success. She points out that each of these nine individuals was a good seller, and were therefore able to become millionaires in their field. She ponders about how these people are more successful than the rest, when there are so many people who fail.

After reading The Indian Millionaire Next Door, readers will be forced into self examination, and encouraged to reexamine their strategies for success.

The Indian Millionaire Next Door, was published by Embassy Books Publishers & Distributors, in 2012.