ISBN 9781447214892,The Innocent

The Innocent



Pan Macmillan India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781447214892

ISBN-10 1447214897


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Literary theory

Will Robie, a veteran assassin for a US Government agency, is a stone-cold hitman who never questions orders, and always finishes his job. However, when Robie is sent to assassinate a target in Washington D.C., his gut feeling forces him to abandon the mission, an unexpected act of rebellion that makes him a target in his own agency. Summary Of The Book The stoic protagonist, Will Robie, is asked to kill a government employee. However, this erstwhile ruthless assassin finds himself unable to complete the task. After abandoning the hit, he takes an exigent decision to leave town and head to New York. On the bus, he has a chance to encounter with a teenage girl who has left her foster home and is on the run. Upon discovering that both her parents were murdered, and that the girl’s life might be at risk too, he has no option but to help her. However, the more he learns about her, the more he is convinced that she is at the epicentre of a high-profile cover-up, one that might explain the death of her parents. The police, while investigating this hit, start to take keen interest in Robie. Between them and a relentless female investigator who believes that the two cases may be connected, Robie is fighting for his life, and his freedom. Throughout the book, Will Robie’s character is highly mercurial. His dispassionate outlook on taking someones life contradicts the surprisingly humane choices he makes in the course of the story. The Innocent boasts of a clever, intricately planned plot that has the classic Baldacci twists and turns. About David Baldacci David Baldacci, an American author and philanthropist of Italian descent, has long established himself as the king of conspiracy theories. Some of his other books include The Camel Club, The Sixth Man, Split Second, Absolute Power, The Simple Truth and Deliver Us From Evil. He holds a BA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. David Baldacci also has a law degree and has practised law in Washington D.C. before becoming a full-time author. Having authored over 20 novels in the thriller genre, Baldacci's novels have been translated into over 45 different languages and sold in more than 80 countries. Baldacci's first novel and bestseller, Absolute Power, was made into a film starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. He now lives in Virginia with his wife, and their 2 children.