ISBN 9780273762553,The Interview Expert

The Interview Expert


John Lees



Pearson Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780273762553

ISBN-10 0273762559


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Advice on careers & achieving success

Written by the UK’s most well-respected expert, this is THE definitive guide to job interviews, covering absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know about the whole process – from planning and preparing to delivering a winning performance - in one, easy to- read and easy-to-access guide to success.
For over 25 years, author John Lees has been at the forefront of careers advice and has spent all of his career training recruiters, interviewers, HR professionals and interviewees. He knows exactly what makes a great interview and offers his vast insider knowledge here.
About the Author
John Lees
 is author of the bestselling How to Get a Job You’ll Love and one of the UK’s best-known career strategists who is regularly featured in the national media. Former Chief Executive of the Institute of Employment Consultants and regular keynote speaker on careers issues, John has led projects around the world and has been sought as a careers specialist by many large companies including, Lloyds Banking Group and Orange. John is a Fellow of a range of professional bodies including the CIPD.
Table Of  Contents

About the author
What makes a great interview performance?
Why do interviews go wrong?
How do I handle interviews with recruitment consultants?
How do I move from short list to first interview?
Handling interview nerves
Getting into the right frame of mind
How much preparation is enough?
How do I prepare myself?
I have to make a presentation...
How do I manage the opening moments?
What will they ask me?
Pitching your message
Getting your story across
It’s not a standard interview – how do I play it?
How do I shine at a competency-based interview?
What if they ask me probing questions?
How do I handle personal or oddball questions?
How do I get past sticky moments when things start to go wrong?
I get interviews, but not job offers…
I am confused by interview feedback
My interview is tomorrow!

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