ISBN 9788178292199,The Knowledge Translation ToolkitBridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers

The Knowledge Translation ToolkitBridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers


Bert N Adams


Sage Vistaar



Sage Vistaar

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788178292199

ISBN-10 817829219X


Number of Pages 668 Pages
Language (English)


Table of Contents Preface I. THE EUROPEAN ROOTS OF SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY: The Origins of Sociological Theory Theorizing after the Revolution Saint-Simon, Comte, and Martineau II. CONSERVATIVE THEORIES: Evolutionism and Functionalism Spencer and Sumner Society as Sui Generis Durkheim III. RADICAL THEORY: Radical Anticapitalism Marx and Engels Marxism Extended Lenin and Luxemburg IV. SOCIOLOGICAL THEORIES OF COMPLEXITY AND FORM: Social Action and Social Complexity Max Weber and Marianne Weber The Sociology of Form and Content Simmel V. SOCIOLOGICAL THEORIES OF POLITICS AND ECONOMICS: Political Sociological Theories Pareto and Michels Economic Sociological Theories Veblen and Schumpeter VI. OTHER VOICES IN SOCIOLOGICAL THEORIZING: Society and Gender Gilman and Webb Sociological Theory and Race W E B du Bois Society, Self, and Mind Cooley, Mead, and Freud VII. TWENTIETH-CENTURY FUNCTIONALISM AND BEYOND: Twentieth-Century Functionalism Parsons and Merton Systems, Structuration, and Modernity Luhmann and Giddens VIII. CRITICISM, MARXISM, AND CHANGE: Critical Theory The Frankfurt School and Habermas Marxism Since 1930 Poulantzas, Althusser, Dunayevskaya, and Wright Sociocultural Change: Evolution, World System, and Revolution Service, Wallerstein, and Skocpol IX. TRANSITIONS AND CHALLENGES: Mid-Twentieth-Century Sociology Symbolic Interactionism Blumer, Goffman, and Hochschild Rational Choice and Exchange Coleman Feminist Sociological Theory Smith and Collins Knowledge, Truth, and Power Foucault and Feminist Responses Final Thoughts on Sociological Theory Index