ISBN 9780007517442,The Kraus Project

The Kraus Project



Harpercollins Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780007517442

ISBN-10 0007517440


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


Kraus was one of the greatest European writers who, with this book, has found his match in Franzen. The book can be seen as the confrontation of a pronounced American writer with a famous European writer. Karl Kraus is said to be a powerful writer who was a critic to media's influence on reality, the degrading machinery of technology and consumerism, and the patriotism of a fading empire. His followers may have included Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin, but he still remained unfamiliar to most of the world. There are very few people who know anything about him and Jonathan Franzen is one of them. This book is a presentation of Franzen's translations of Kraus' writings. It also contains supplementary notes from the Kraus scholar, Paul Reitter, and the Austrian writer, Daniel Kehlmann. Like Kraus, Franzen is not afraid to voice his opinions and is seen as someone who could give us clarity on Kraus' arguments.