ISBN 9789350290002,The Krishna Coriolis Series: The Slayer Of Kamsa

The Krishna Coriolis Series: The Slayer Of Kamsa


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789350290002

ISBN-10 9350290006


Number of Pages 330 Pages
Language (English)


This book, The Krishna Coriolis Series: The Slayer Of Kamsa (Book-1), is a retelling of the legend of Krishna, God incarnate, destined to kill the demonic king Kamsa. Summary Of The Book After his well received series based on The Ramayana, Ashok K. Banker has brought out his first book in a series of eight on the legend of Krishna. The story begins as Ugrasena, the aging king of Mathura, is dethroned and put in captivity by his evil son Kamsa. As Kamsa’s reign of oppression overtakes the kingdom of the Yadavas, he is informed of a powerful prophecy by the saptarishi Narada. The prophecy predicts that Kamsa will die at the hands of his sister’s eighth son. Enraged but terrified, Kamsa incarcerates his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva, and awaits the birth of their eighth child. Beset by paranoia, he starts murdering Devaki’s children as soon as they are born. After the sixth child, Devaki seems to have suffered a miscarriage. But the unborn child is secretly transferred to the womb of Rohini, the first wife of Vasudeva. Eventually, Devaki becomes pregnant for the eighth time. On the night of the birth of the eighth child, Vasudeva is assisted by divine forces in carrying the child to a safe haven in the town nearby, Gokul. The eighth born of Devaki is Krishna, the destined slayer of Kamsa, and he survives. Beginning with the fateful birth of Krishna, the book follows his incredible tale as he grows up under the protection of his foster parents in Gokul. As the story unfolds, Krishna must confront one demon after another sent by Kamsa to take his life, and eventually leave his homestead to face the evil king himself. The book, following the ancient Hindu tradition of writing, is divided into two Kaands or parts, each containing several short sub-parts. It is followed by seven more books in the series, the next being Dance of Govinda. About Ashok K. Banker Ashok K. Banker is a prominent Indian writer and journalist. He is best known for writing books based on Indian mythology, including his series based on Ramayana and Mahabharata. Banker began writing at an early age and he self-published his first book at the age of 15. A collection of poems titled Ashes In The Dust Of Time, the book represented Young India at the World Book Fair in Paris that year. His early novels were crime thrillers including titles such as Ten Dead Admen, and Murder & Champagne. He has also written a few semi-autobiographical novels like Byculla Boy and Beautiful Ugly. While his thrillers are dark tales of crime and carnage, his books on mythology are a cross between moralistic fables and folklore. These books are known for reinventing ancient characters and for vivid descriptions of palaces and wars. He is also known to liberally use words from Sanskrit, Hindi, and regional dialects, probably to invoke a connection between the original texts on which his books are based. He was born in 1964 in Mumbai. During his early career as a freelance journalist, he wrote frequently for leading publications such as The Times of India and Outlook. He is one of the few contemporary Indian writers to be included in The Vintage Book of Modern Indian Literature and The Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature.