ISBN 9781904292999,The Language Of Love

The Language Of Love



Duncan Baird Publishers

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781904292999

ISBN-10 1904292992


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Family & relationships

"The Language of Love" is a colour-packed, richly illustrated and evocative account of love in all its glory - an attempt, in words and images, to define some of the constant features of this profoundly felt and mysterious phenomenon as it has evolved over the centuries in different regions of the world. An insightful, wide-ranging text describes key themes such as the relationship between love and sex, the notion of immortal love, the symbols of love, the changing relationship between the sexes, the definition of beauty, the chemistry of attraction, and the various ways in which lovers have communicated with each other in a hostile or indifferent society. All through the book, superb imagery from art and artefact's of all periods captures every mood of love. These, combined with specially commissioned colour illustrations, offer a visual dimension that is sensuous and appealing in itself. Alongside the pictures, memorable quotations offer ample stimulus for romantic reverie and reflection.

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