ISBN 9780857208743,The Last Man

The Last Man


Vince Flynn


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780857208743

ISBN-10 0857208748


Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)


Joe Rickman, a CIA agent, is kidnapped from a safe house. The bodyguards assigned to protect him are found dead. When Mitch Rapp, the undercover CIA agent, arrives at the scene, he is suspicious about the alleged kidnapping of Joe Rickman. When the director of the CIA, Irene Kennedy, orders Rapp to locate Rickman, Rapp navigates through the hazardous lands of Afghanistan to find him. It is not only Rapp and the CIA who are hunting for Rickman, but even the FBI wants to know where Rickman is. The plot turns complex when Rapp and his team delve further into the operation. How was Joe Rickman taken from an impregnable safe house? Who else knows the secrets of the CIA? Will Rapp find him before it is too late? Why is the FBI interested in Rickman? With Afghanistan shattering around him and the Iranians, Taliban, Russians claiming the war-torn land, Rapp needs to find these answers as soon as possible. Set in Afghanistan, the novel takes the readers on an exciting journey that reveals the many secrets and master plots of many people involved. With numerous gun battles, car chases, explosions, torture and murders, The Last Man takes the readers on an unforgettable journey. The Last Man was published in 2012. About Vince Flynn Vincent "Vince" Flynn was an American writer who is famous for his political thrillers. A few of the books written by him include Executive Power, Extreme Measures, Term Limits, Transfer of Power, Separation of Power, Act of Treason, The Third Option, Memorial Day, Kill Shot, Consent to Kill, and Pursuit of Honor. Frustration with red-tapism and procedures are the common subjects explored in his works. Many rising and falling actions accompanied by gentle foreshadowing are the common techniques used in his works. Many of his characters are from the CIA, Secret Service, Special Forces and other such security organizations. Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Flynn completed his graduation from Saint Thomas Academy and his Economics degree from the University of St. Thomas. Besides writing, Flynn was also a story consultant for the popular television series 24. He passed away in June 2013 due to prostate cancer. He was married to Lysa, with whom he had three children.