ISBN 9789380349473,The Legend Of Amrapali

The Legend Of Amrapali



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380349473

ISBN-10 9380349475

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Indian Writing

Around 500 B.C., Aryavart was a land comprising a number of prosperous kingdoms. Among them, the most outstanding one was the Vajji Confederacy, which was among the first democratic republic known by mankind. Vaishali was the capital of the confederacy and the renowned Lichchavis clan. It was a center of political and commerce activity and also Amrapali's blessed motherland.

The Legend of Amrapali is about Amrapali who was a clever, famous courtesan. She was pretty, talented and had all the qualities that courtesans living in the city of Vaishali were meant to have. Vajji confederacy was ruled by king Manudeva. Manudeva becomes infatuated by Amrapali when he catches a glimpse of her while attending Gautama Buddha's discourse. From childhood, Amrapali has been in love with Pushpakumar, whom she wanted to marry. The king's proposal for making Amrapali his queen is rejected by her father. Hence, the king traps Pushpakumar in a false spying case and simultaneously arranges for declaring Amrapali as "Nagarvadhu", a position that requires her to entertain the king along with the other nobles of the king's court. While escaping from prison, Pushpakumar is killed, which forces Amrapali to become the state courtesan. The story then weaves around Amrapali's attempts to take revenge against Manudeva for murdering Pushpakumar, and the difficult situations she finds herself in.

About Anurag Anand

Anurag Anand, born on November 2, 1978, is an Indian author having several published titles in general fiction, self-help, and historical fiction genres.

Apart from The Legend Of Amrapali, the other popular books written by him are Reality 'Bites': a Not so Innocent Love Story, The Quest for Nothing, Of Tattoos and Taboos!, and Tic Toc - A Story of Love, Hate and Terror.

Anurag Anand completed his schooling at Delhi Public School, New Delhi, in 1996. Then, he completed his B.A. (Hons) in Economics from Delhi University. Later, he did his PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi. The author is also a professional in banking from the city of Mumbai. Several news channels like CNN, IBN, and UTV Bloomberg have invited him to participate in debates and panel discussions. Also, FM Radio Channels like Radio City, Radio Mirchi, and Red FM have invited him for on-air discussions. His works have been widely written about by media like leading magazines and national dailies