ISBN 9788179925461,The Legend of the Light-Bearers

The Legend of the Light-Bearers



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788179925461

ISBN-10 8179925463


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Is it ever too late for a person to pursue personal reinvention and transform his or her life? Can our planet right itself and reverse centuries of struggle, hatred, and warfare? Are love, peace, and harmony possible for the world's people? The Legend of the Light-Bearers is a tale about vision, courage, and commitment, set in the magical new world of Center Earth. This book explores the process of personal and global transformation within the guise of an enchanting fable. As the action unfolds in a world decimated by a global cataclysm, young Matilda embarks on a personal quest to rid the world of the pervasive gloom that has enveloped it since the Earth Change. In doing so, she also explores the nature of hatred and resignation, the keys to unlock personal transformation, the power of anger, and the means to overcoming that anger and replacing it with love. This enchanting tale shows what can happen when people live values-based lives and follow their life purposes instead of their destructive moods and their need to dominate others. If ever our world needed a guide to peace and cooperation and our people, a guide to personal empowerment and happiness, they do now...and this is the book.