ISBN 9789384363192,The Lies about Truth

The Lies about Truth


Karl Renz


Zen Publications

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ISBN 9789384363192
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ISBN 9789384363192

Zen Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384363192

ISBN-10 9384363197


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


The truth which can be spoken is, for sure, not the truth. Truth is never beautiful and beauty is never true. Thats the first premise in Tao, says Karl. For someone who summarily dismisses any possibility of anyone ever knowing truth, its a wonder that this guy Karl is still in business-seasoned seekers forever longing to listen to him and not getting enough of it!
I am just answering unnecessary questions with unnecessary answers, 'I cannot give you anything nor can I take anything away from you, he says. Its perhaps the un-self-consciousness of his utterances, delivered with electric, unaffected ease that buries the listeners intellect and most cherished concepts into a quicksand of spontaneous laughter. Seriousness gets challenged here-seriously!

Many spiritual veterans will warn you against the dangerous Karl since he ruthlessly bulldozes any and every truth you may want to cozy up to. Relentlessly kicking the knower where it hurts most-at the core of knowingness itself - Karl precipitates an existential crisis. So, dont be surprised if Karls prattle, bereft of prescription or intent, abruptly stops you dead in your tracks only to, in the words of the Sage Jnaneshwar, 'see yourself without the aid of a mirror!'

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