ISBN 9788132105756,The Little Book of Big Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The Little Book of Big Customer Satisfaction Measurement


T N Madan



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132105756

ISBN-10 8132105753

Hard Back

Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)


Sociological Traditions book looks at the sociology of India from two perspectives: first, understanding the cultural traditions of India with special reference to religious and ethical values; and second, exploring the growth of the sociological traditions of India. Divided in two parts, the book goes beyond mere description of the main religious traditions and looks at the ethical values that are embedded in the religio-secular traditions of India. It also projects the sociological traditions of India as a historical process, a process of growth of sociological knowledge. The basic premise of the discussion is not one dominant cultural tradition but the plurality that characterizes the cultural, religious and value traditions of India, and pluralism that characterizes the sociology of India. Table of Contents Preface I: CULTURAL TRADITIONS, SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Indian Secularism in a Post-secular Age Hinduism: The Book View and the Field View Islam: The Universal and the Particular Sikhism: The Sacred and the Secular Gandhi and Weber: The Work Ethic, Capitalism, and Conscience II: SOCIOLOGICAL TRADITIONS: EXEMPLARS, INTERPRETERS / D.P. Mukerji: Towards a Sociology of India M.N. Srinivas: Empericism and Imagination Louis Dumont: An Alternative Perspective Contributions to Indian Sociology: Towards Methodological Pluralism Engagements and Passages: An Exercise in Reflexivity References Index