ISBN 9788172454272,The Little Giant Book of Science Facts

The Little Giant Book of Science Facts



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172454272

ISBN-10 8172454279


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

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In this book you'll find more than 1,000 interesting and unusual science facts about animals, space, medicine, weather, and the earth-and that's just a start. We've also collected some choice tidbits about inventions, chemistry, plants, computers, and maybe the most interesting scientific subject of all - people. So why do people love facts? Probably because facts are like little stories. They can tell us something new about a subject we thought we already knew all about. Or they can tell us something new, period. Having lots of unusual facts in your head makes you seem smart and interesting. And using a well-chosen fact to start a conversation is a great way to make a new friend or amuse an old one. Try out some of these the next time you're eating lunch with the usual crowd and the talk gets a little dull: • Catfish have over 30,000 taste buds. Humans have about 9,000. • Parrots can't eat chocolate. • There are about 32 million bacteria on every square inch of the human body. We think your friends will beg for more. You can be sure that The Little Giant Book® of Science Facts will keep you well supplied with fascinating and entertaining science facts for years to come. So delight yourself and delight your friends. Facts are just plain fun-and that's a fact!