ISBN 9789351031833,The Littlest Angel #2: Lily Has A Secret

The Littlest Angel #2: Lily Has A Secret


Scholastic Books



Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351031833

ISBN-10 9351031837


Number of Pages 88 Pages
Language (English)
The Littlest Angel #2: Lily has a Secret is the second book in the delightful new series by Elizabeth Pulford. About the book : The kitten sounded as if it was in pain. Lily knew she had to rescue. Wasn't that what angels did? But the rule said : No Animals Allowed at the Academy. (Only Frumplepuss.) Can Lily keep the kitten a secret while trying to earn her silver slippers? Synopsis of the book: Lily is a first year angel at Amelia's Angel Academy. She has only recently earned her wings and is determined to do well in the school concert which is fast approaching. However, when she hears a pitiful meow coming from some bushes, Lily breaks all the rules by leaving the school grounds and bringing the small kitten into her room. There are no animals allowed at Amelia's Angel Academy and Lily has to figure out a way to hide the kitten until its leg has healed and she can let it go. This presents Lily with a huge problem, especially since Tisa is chasing after her so that they can practice for the concert. When Mother Angel's harp is destroyed because Lily is distracted by the kitten, she fears that her secret will be revealed.