ISBN 9789384363925,The Long Road to Nowhere

The Long Road to Nowhere


Bharat Savur


Zen Publications



Zen Publications

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384363925

ISBN-10 9384363928


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

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If you knew you were going nowhere as opposed to somewhere, would you start your journey? 

At a young age, Bharat Savur intuitively felt ‘going somewhere, becoming someone’ as dictated by society was not It. The rebel in him struck out in the opposite direction – the inward journey. And suddenly he found himself sitting like a buddha, watching his breath and…being. 

Words poured in from an unknown source. They were not the pointing-finger-at-the-moon kind, they were the moon. 

Simultaneously, he was sinking into stillness and rising into realms that promised nothing yet fascinatingly held everything. Consciousness was having its first laugh. 

Life’s realities appeared unreal. People ‘died’. People cried. Was Consciousness crazy to continue laughing? 

Are you prepared to face your God-self? “All life is peppered with milestones – just don’t make them millstones,” warns the author. There’s a hint of a dare being thrown at the reader. Dare to think. Dare to walk on this inner “rainbow road.” Dare to be humble. Dare to love. Dare to be stripped to your soul and revel in your cosmic nakedness. And when you’ve regained your breath, question: Are you no-where? Or are you now-here? 

The aaha! moment from virtually every line has you either standing rock-still or afloat in light. 

Eventually, though, The Long Road to Nowhere is not only about the bliss of an agnostic, it’s as much about the agony of the ego.