ISBN 9789384028114,The Lord of the Sacred Sword

The Lord of the Sacred Sword



Omji Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384028114

ISBN-10 9384028118


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Fiction

The Lord of the Sacred Sword (Vishnu Trilogy 1)

It is believed, history repeats itself and the past beckons, strongest warriors and the deadliest saints arrive on earth after ages. An extinct civilization is returned to ascertain their existence on the planet. Sometimes wandering soul find the new body to finish an undone task on earth.

They call it, the land of extraordinary powers. Other than plants it fosters warriors, saints and demons too. For the fact, only a Sacred Sword can stop all sanctimonious beliefs, demonical practices and the havoc of Pashupatastra.

Every particle of humans body is a symbol of universal existence. (Rig veda)

Lord Shivas holiest shrine Kedarnath is under the onslaught of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Dhari ki Kali. Deadliest warriors and austere saints have arrived on the Earth yet again. Ages ago, the preserver of the universe, Lord Vishnu plotted the game of annihilation from the Vaikuntha.

A secret of Vedic age is yet to be revealed. Annihilation is inevitable for a new beginning.

What happens when destiny offers a death-defying path, what was never imagined?

Who will raise the Sacred-sword to resist demons on the Earth?

The battle of extraordinary powers has begun.

About the Author

He is born and brought up at Delhi in a typical middle-class office going family and completed his MBA with no high marks. As being marketing professional he has lingered on the way across streets, towns and countries in terms of market research, ironically his nomadic experience ended him with the patch of an accidental author. He likes his job profile because it offers him ample opportunities to run-across usual and unusual people of the world until anyone asks him about saving. He turns astounded on saving the money and replied Thats a good phrase, usually comes in my mind.

He has put down his deep roots here and considers Delhi as a place of tremendous potential for business, energy, innovation, lateral thinking and other activities to make a difference.

His literary work includes many blogs in Word press and Myspace. He is an avid tweets maker and spends more time on Twitter than any other social networking site. He pens down about things he tunes with, there is no clear cause that drove him over the edge of writing except his inner voice that echoed to go on with the flow, no matter what happens. He writes from his perspective and takes himself just another layman who is paying attention to the nature and its creations. He had never thought and even planned to become an author, but destiny has stored something different for this market-savvy, outdoorsy and a reckless guy.

He is addicted to traveling, reading, fantasy-packed writing, brands study, thinking and watching an array of shimmering lights dissipated far and away across the mountains at nights. Very often he tests his knowledge by encouraging people around him.

This book is an aphrodisiac concoction of Mythological feats and fantasy-packed thrills as a first part of Vishnu Trilogy.