ISBN 9781847370556,The Machine That Changed the World

The Machine That Changed the World



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781847370556

ISBN-10 1847370551


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


This is the story of one of the twentieth century's most innovative production methods. It chronicles the rise and rise of Toyota, the most consistently growing company in the world. Summary Of The Book The Machine That Changed The World: The Story Of Lean Production - Toyota's Secret Weapon In The Global Car Wars That Is Revolutionizing World Industry explores how the mass production driven market has shaped modern society and has almost reached its utter limit i.e. there simply is no room left in the world for a mass-producing company. Instead, the mantel has been passed on to lean production, a system that promises to rework everything from healthcare to commerce. Lean production, just like any other production system, works by creating certain values by which society functions and by understanding these values, one understands how and why these systems work. It was written by three authors, James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones, and Daniel Roos, under a massive, 5-year-long MIT project to analyze automotive production across fourteen countries. The result is an exhaustive survey of not just the mechanics of production, but also the mechanics of society as well. The Machine That Changed The World: The Story Of Lean Production - Toyota's Secret Weapon In The Global Car Wars That Is Revolutionizing World Industry is a valuable source of information not just to anyone related to any industry, but also to the social scientist and the curious reader who wants to know how the modern world works. It has received consistently high reviews and the new edition comes equipped with a new foreword and afterword, so that readers can understand how lean production has taken root since the book was first published in 1990. About the Authors James P. Womack is an American academician best known for his research on international industries. Lean Thinking Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation and Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together are two of the other books that he has written. He was research director at the International Motor Vehicle Program and started Lean Enterprise Institute where he is the chairman. Womack received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago, his Master's from Harvard, and his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Daniel Roos is the director of the MIT Portugal program and is Emeritus Founding Director, MIT Engineering Systems Division. He has co authored several books including Engineering Systems Meeting Human Needs In A Complex Technological World, and The Future Of The Automobile: The Report Of MIT's International Automobile Program. He was the World Economic Forum's consultant for 11 years and is in charge of the Auto Governors Meeting. He was awarded the Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award and also the Shingo Prize. Daniel T. Jones is the Founder and Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy. Few of the books written by him are: The Machine that Changed the World, Breaking Through to Flow, Making Hospitals Work and a few other books. He has a degree in Economics. Jones is a noted author and is known for co-authoring and publishing several books. He is a senior advisor at the Lean Enterprise Institute.