ISBN 9780753518205,The Mafia

The Mafia



Ebury Publishing

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780753518205

ISBN-10 0753518201


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)


Tracing its beginnings as an underground society which sprang up in Sicily, to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America, The Mafia: The First 100 Years tells the gripping story of the most mythical and misunderstood criminal organisation. nnHow did the Mob evolve from a gang of bumbling killers into the smooth-running international 'corporation' of today? Drawing on nearly two decades of research, William Balsamo - great-nephew of the original godfather - and George Carpozi Jr. reveal the Mafia's coalescence into an organisation whose insidious influence reached across the Atlantic and into a presidential administration. nnDelving behind the headlines to uncover the true extent of the Mafia's influence, The Mafia: The First 100 Years reads like the most compelling crime fiction, yet is the terrifying, deadly truth. About the Author William Balsamo is the great-nephew of Don Giuseppe 'Battista' Balsamo, the original godfather. George Carpozi Jr. is a journalist, biographer and writer who has worked on the New York Journal American and the New York Post.

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