ISBN 9788125032380,The Maha Bharata

The Maha Bharata



Melisende UK Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788125032380

ISBN-10 812503238X


Number of Pages 230 Pages
Language (English)
Chaturvedi Badrinath shows that the Mahabharata is the most systematic inquiry into the human condition.  Its principal concern is the relationship of the self with the self and with the other.  This book not only proves the universality of the themes explored in the Mahabharata, but also how this great epic provides us with a method to understand the human condition itself.  Badrinath shows that the concerns of the Mahabharata are the concerns of everyday life-of dharma, artha, kama and moksha.  It is throuth this everyday-ness, with its complexities as much as with its simplicity, that the Mahabharata still rings true. This book dispels several false claims about what is today known as 'Hinduism' to show us how individual liberty and knowledge, freedom, equality, and the celebration of love, friendship and relationships are integral to the philosophy of the Mahabharata, because they are integral to human life.  Using over 500 shlokas of the original text that he supports with his own lucid translations, Chaturvedi Badrinath's The Mahabharata is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of this epic, not in the least, for his elegant scholarship and humanistic approach.