ISBN 9780143100157,The Mahabharata (Vol. 3)

The Mahabharata (Vol. 3)



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780143100157

ISBN-10 0143100157


Number of Pages 648 Pages
Language (English)


Tricked by their greedy cousins, the Pandavas have no recourse but to go into exile. They journey to various places of pilgrimage, and along the way, they meet several prominent figures out of Indian mythology. Among them are Agastya, Rishyashringa, Kartavirya, Sukanya and Chyavana, Mandhata, Jantu, Shibi, Ashtavakra, Yavakrita, Jatasura, and Markandeya. Covering the Vana Parva, Bibek Debroy masterfully continues the epic saga he began. Relive the magic of one of the greatest epics of mankind as he describes how Arjuna slayed the Nachiketa monsters, how the Kauravas were defeated by the Gandharvas and then released by the Pandavas. Then, follow the Pandavas as they hunt down Jayadratha who kidnapped their wife, the beautiful Draupadi. Finally, understand the meaning of truth and integrity as Karna knowingly hands over the gifts of his divine father into the hands of his enemy's father, accepting mortality and vulnerability for the sake of charity. This translation is based on the Critical Edition compiled at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.