ISBN 9780793193080,The Making of a Bestseller

The Making of a Bestseller


Brian Hill


Kaplan Bus



Kaplan Bus

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780793193080

ISBN-10 0793193087


Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

People are fascinated by bestselling authors who have become every bit as much celebrities as rock musicians or film stars. Through some mysterious process, these individuals take blank pages and turn them into gold--many of them over and over again. For authors, earning a spot on the bestseller list is the grand, often elusive prize at the end of many years of work. But what makes a bestseller happen? Brian Hill and Dee Power interviewed over 50 successful authors, publishers, editors, agents, book reviewers, and other experts to find the answer. The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Authors and the Editors, Agents, and Booksellers Behind Them presents a comprehensive look at the publishing process from start to finish. Authors and would-be authors, individuals in the publishing industry, and passionate readers will learn: How bestselling authors approach the craft of writing and marketing their books The many different paths authors take to the top of the list The impact a first bestseller makes on an author's life The workings of the selection process, from the query letter to the decision to publish How publishers know a book has bestseller potential The agent's role in helping create a bestseller Factors and events that influence whether a book makes the bestseller list, including TV "reading book clubs," the review process, publicity, marketing programs, and timing How Hollywood impacts the reading public To provide a broad spectrum of experience, interviews with authors of nonfiction and fiction--from first-time novelists to serial bestsellers--are included. In addition, avid readers will find fascinating stories behind some of their favorite authors' works.