ISBN 9788120345881,The Media Of Mass Communication

The Media Of Mass Communication


John Vivian



Prentice Hall India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788120345881

ISBN-10 8120345886


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 504 Pages
Language (English)

Media, information & communication industries

The Media of Mass Communication, 11th edition, makes students understand how the media work and why. The book engages students as both consumers and creators of mass media and explore the latest mediaeconomic, technological, cultural and political shifts all in historical context. It also engages them with the coverage of ongoing transformations in mass media as analysts, examining the various ways in which media impacts the world as they hone their media literacy skills. Acknowledged for its dynamic writing style the book helps students see why the media are in such a tumultuous transition and provides tools for understanding the reshaping of the entire media industry.

New to This Edition
1. The impact of Internetbased media and new delivery devices.
2. Greater emphasis on world events and the globalization of mass media.
3. New and Updated Features.
4. Fresh, current examples.
5. Fully updated visual program.

Table of Contents
1. Mass Media Literacy.
Part OneMass Media Fundamentals
2. Media Technology.
3. Media Economics. Part TwoMass Media Industries:
4. Ink on Paper.
5. Sound Media.
6. Motion Media.
7. New Media Landscape. Part ThreeMass Media Content:
8. News
9. Entertainment.
10. Public Relations.
11. Advertising. Part FourMass Media Issues:
12. Mass Audiences.
13. Mass Media Effects.
14. Governance and Mass Media.
15. Mass Media Globalization.
16. Media Law.
17. Ethics. Index. Credits.