ISBN 9780143415305,The MGR Murder Trial

The MGR Murder Trial



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780143415305

ISBN-10 0143415301


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

A young man confesses to a bizarre crime. A girl is hailed as a miracle worker when she makes a desperate appeal to god. A seaside town is plagued by mysterious thefts. The death of a whore triggers a lifelong obsession in a teenage boy. A refugee returns to Sri Lanka to find a country engulfed in a living nightmare. In these vivid and inventive tales, Shobasakthi gives shape to the unspeakable violence, fear and trauma unleashed during the years of Sri Lankas civil war and its aftermath. By turns visceral, moving and shocking, the MGR murder trial ably conjures the horrors suffered by a silenced people. Shobasakthis work is characterized by a dark playfulness (wherein) politics operates not only in the world at large, but also through family relationships and power structures - About the Author Shobasakthi lives in France. He is a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee and a former LTTE child-soldier. He has published two novels, a collection of short stories, three plays and many essays. His first novel, translated in English as Gorilla, was published to immense acclaim. For the last twenty years, he has worked as a dishwasher, cook, supermarket shelver, room boy, construction worker and street sweeper, among other things. About the Translator Anushiya Ramaswamy is a professor of English at southern Illinois university, Edwardsville. She completed her MA from Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi and PhD from university of Nevada, Reno. She specializes in the translation of dalit writing and has translated the poetry of the Tamil dalit poet N. D. Rajkumar. She has also translated Shobasakthis novels, gorilla and traitor.

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