ISBN 9780070486430,The Mind Of The Strategist : The Art Of Japanese Business

The Mind Of The Strategist : The Art Of Japanese Business



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780070486430

ISBN-10 0070486433


Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)


Kenichi Ohmae has been a successful Japanese executive and his book, The Mind Of The Strategist: The Art Of Japanese Business, deals with the strategies and executive planning that will ensure success in any business. When it comes to running a successful organization, there are a lot of areas that need careful planning. There are strategies to be created and executed in the way that will ensure maximum revenue. This may seem difficult but it is simplified and rendered easy to follow in Ohmae's book. This work ties together eastern and western business models that concentrate on specific concepts dealing with the company and its clients. With the help of examples, this work states the three Cs necessary for strategy building, Company, Competitor, and Customer. Once these concepts have been mastered, one will gain the competitive edge required to succeed in the brutal world of business. The Mind Of The Strategist is relevant for all levels of management. It deals with specific profit-making ventures and also the obstacles one may come across. Although, the examples and solutions provided deal with certain companies, they can be applied universally. There a number of case studies that have been provided in order to encourage the reader to take action. Most businesses work because of initiatives taken at the right time and not because of theories. This book gives a comprehensive look on how companies work and the techniques and important aspects of the policies and strategies used. The Mind Of The Strategist was published almost ten years ago and has been received well by entrepreneurs and managerial professionals since then. It is considered a classic in strategic thinking in business. About the author :- Having worked for Mckinsey & Company for twenty three years, Dr. Kenichi Ohmae has vast experience in business planning and strategizing. He has written books like The End Of The Nation State, The Mind Of The Strategist, and The Borderless World. He is most famously known for his 3C Model that is followed in the corporate world even today. His books are generally focused towards helping new business owners and managers to cope with the brutally fast paced business sector.