ISBN 9798129108073,The Money Changers

The Money Changers


Arthur Hailey


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9798129108073

ISBN-10 8129108070


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

The CEO of First Mercantile American Bank is about to step down from his position. The bank is looking outside the founding circles for a new officer in charge. Alex Vandervoort and Roscoe Heyward are two contenders for the position. Vandervoort is straightforward and is ready to make things work through retailing and technology. He is a solitary individual lacking people skills. Heyward, on the other hand, is his opposite. He is hypocritical and a scheming super banker. Heyward is more bent on improving the bank's future and does not care much about consumers. He is also rich and well-settled. Vandervoort has a troubled personal life. His wife is in a psychiatric facility and he is in a relationship with Margot Bracken, an attorney and activist. The workings of the bank come under the spotlight when the senior teller Miles Eastin defrauds the bank. Later, he is arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he meets many shady characters. What does Miles promise them? Does he keep his promise once he is released? What is his decision and where does it take him? As hard winds continue to blow, an economic recession completely buries the present and future of the bank. How will the bank survive? Will Vandervoort and Heyward bail the bank out of the crisis? Will Vandervoort be united with Bracken? The Money Changers answers these questions and more. Suspense and mystery grip the fascination of the reader as Hailey takes them through the novel. He reveals the inner workings of the banking industry in this book. The book was published in 1975. In 1976, a short television series based on the novel was broadcast with the same title. About Arthur Hailey Arthur Hailey was a novelist. Airport, Overload, In High Places, Strong Medicine, and Wheels are some of the other books written by Hailey. Hailey is known for his interesting choice of plots. His stories have a grand setting and are engaging. Racy, realistic and full of suspense and action, the stories have been a major hit among readers. With in-depth research, Hailey also weaves in interesting facts alongside the story. Hailey was born in Bedfordshire in England and served in the Air Force. After trying out various part-time and full-time jobs, he became a full-fledged writer in 1956. Till today, over 170 million copies of his books have been sold, in 40 languages. Hailey died in 2004, at the age of 84.