ISBN 9788184000542,The Music Room

The Music Room


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788184000542

ISBN-10 8184000545


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

The Music Room weaves together music, history, learning, and teaching. The author, at the age of ten, is taken to a Bombay neighbourhood filled with dance girls and prostitutes. Unwillingly, the young girl enters an overcrowded one-room apartment and meets Dhondutai, one of the city's most reputed music teachers from the great Jaipur Gharana. Namita begins her first lesson in classical Indian singing, accompanied by an Indian stringed musical instrument called the Tanpura. A student of an Anglican school, she finds it difficult to adjust to a lifestyle that is fundamentally different from her badminton playing and English speaking ways. As years pass by, Namita's passion for music grows. However, she has doubts about dedicating her whole life to music. With late night outings and cigarettes for company, will music be more important in her life than love and marriage? The Music Room also focuses of the life and history of her guru Dhondutai. Dhondutai was the last living disciple of the legendary Alladiya Khan, and the famous singer Kesarbai Kerkar. The book showcases the life of Dhondutai as well. Filled with history, anecdotes, facts, and gossip, The Music Room brings together the stories of three generations of musical maestros and students.The title won the Outlook Book of 2007, and the Crossword Popular Book Award.