ISBN 9780023133718,The Nature and Properties of Soils

The Nature and Properties of Soils



Prentice Hall

Publication Year 1996

ISBN 9780023133718

ISBN-10 0023133716


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 704 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering graphics & technical drawing

Widely acknowledged as the most authoritative and complete book on soils, this book was originally published in 1922, and has been responsible for defining Introductory courses in two-year colleges and universities since! It is the most scientifically rigorous and comprehensive introductory soils science text available -- yet is written to be accessible to today's average student. It explores the principles and properties of various soils -- their physical, chemical, and biological characteristics -- and highlights the processes by which soils interact with and are influenced by the environment. It develops a solid framework of generalizations that reflect and simplify a wide range of scientific data.

Salient Features

NEW--revision of the narrative throughout to be more accessible to the average student -- without sacrificing scientific rigor or the depth of presentation.
NEW--emphasizes the roles of soils in all areas of the environment (not just agriculture).
considers construction engineering and landscape architecture applications of soil science principles -- showing the importance of soils in making decisions concerning structural, highway, and site designs.
NEW--expands coverage of soils and soil processes characteristics of low rainfall areas.
NEW--weaves environmental applications of soil principles throughout and addresses them comprehensively in a chapter on soil pollution.
NEW--provides a greatly improved quality and consistency of illustrations throughout.
NEW--updates references to the literature throughout.
contains study questions designed to help students apply knowledge of soil properties to real-life soil management problems.